Although it was built in the 1880s, the gothic building seems much older.
A supposed fragment of Robert the Bruce's bone is displayed under statue.
Effigy of Robert the Bruce at St. Conan's
Kirk (church) on Loch Awe
Scary dungeon
There's a hill on this island called "MacAlpine's Brae"
At night you can observe wild badgers being fed right outside the hotel.
This posh old hotel was located on a small, scenic island about 7 miles from the west coast town of Oban.
Isle of
Eriska Hotel
According to the proprietor of Isle of Eriska, legend has it that Kenneth MacAlpin visited the island.  As he crossed a ford his horse slipped, causing Kenneth to fall and narrowly miss striking his head on a large rock that would undoubtedly have killed him.  In honor of this incident, the hill was given the name "MacAlpine's Brae". 
St Conan's Kirk