Loch Ness
A trip to Scotland is not complete without a stop at Loch Ness, which we visited on Day Five of our tour.
Urquhart Castle built circa 1230.
Clava Cairns, thought to be burial mounds constructed about 2000 B.C.
I think they used this catapult to keep Nessie away;->
Nessie was fast, had to take picture quickly.
Holding up one of the stones :-)
Culloden Battle Field
Culloden is the moor where Bonnie Prince Charlie and the highlanders who had rallied to his cause fought to regain the British crown for the Stewarts in 1746, but were utterly defeated by the English. The defeat began a bleak period in Scottish history known as the Highland Clearances, where the highland people were stripped of their lands to make way for more profitable sheep farming by their English overseers. Thousands of  highland Scots immigrated to the U.S., Canada, and Australia during this period.
There is a beer made from heather.
 The hills in this area were all covered with beautiful purple heather.
Catapult at Urquhart Castle
Clava Cairns
Heather on the Hills