Ben Nevis, highest mountain in the UK, 4,406 ft., just north of Ft. William
Eilean Donan, the castle used in "The Highlander" movie
"The Highlander" movie castle
Eilean Donan This castle, owned and restored by Clan MacRae, is the most photographed castle in Scotland
Fine Dining
Three Chimneys Restaurant on Isle of Skye, where we enjoyed a wonderful 4 star meal.
Village razed during the Highland Clearances
Roof is thatched with heather bushes
Crofters, similar to sharecroppers, lived difficult lives in humble stone and thatch roof huts like the one above.
We enjoyed our host, Hugh MacDonald, at Viewfield
Looks like the pleats in a kilt so it is called Kilt Rock.
The Old Man had a wife, but she fell down the mountain.
Crossing over the Kyle of Localsh, we came to the Isle of Skye.  During our visit on Skye, we stayed at Viewfield House in the quaint town of Portree.
Dunvegan Castle, home of the MacLeods, is the only ancient castle in Scotland that has been continually occupied by its original clan for over 800 years.
Ben Nevis
Kilt Rock
The haunting valley of Glencoe marks an infamous chapter in Scottish history when in 1692, thirty-eight members of the MacDonald clan were treacherously slain in their beds by a contingent of English soldiers, aided by the Campbells of Glenorchy, on the orders of King William of Orange.