Isle of Mull
One of the ever present sheep in the background. 
Sean and Nina
Muckle Coos (big cows!)
The cattle own the roads here
Scotland is famous for its woolen textiles
The buildings you see today date from the 1500s and were extensively restored in the early 1900s.  Ongoing restoration efforts continue.
Angel nor saint have I seen, but I have heard the roar of the western sea, and the isle of my heart is in the midst of it -- Columba's Song
Inside Iona Abbey.  Church services are still conducted here.
Iona Abbey
Isle of Iona
The island of Iona is where St. Columba brought Christianity to Scotland from Ireland in 563AD. Many early Scottish kings are said to be buried on the island, including Kenneth MacAlpin.
On Day Two of our tour, we took the ferry from Oban to the Isle of Mull and then from Mull to the holy island of Iona.  As you can see, cattle and sheep roam free on most islands so motorists must give way.
Our wonderful tour guide, Fiona